Trip to Singapore

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) Abuja Branch organized an Executive Course and International Technical Visit to Singapore which took place from 15th - 24th June, 2019. The MD of Vaastrop Nig. Ltd, Peter Chivu, participated in the exercise.

Scenes from the exercise:

At the Nigerian High Commission in Singapore
Peter Chivu and Ben-Osi Oko of NSE Abuja at the Nig. High Commission Singapore
Nig. High Commissioner and Engr. Inno Okolie, Chairman, NSE Abuja Branch
Architect from DP Architects (designers of Dubai Mall) making presentation
A view of the Garden city
Splendor in design and finish
One more view of the great city
A magnificent hotel in Singapore signifying different things in grandeur
At the SP Jain School of Global Management, Singapore
Engr. Okolie making presentations to the lecturers of SP Jain School of Global Management
Changi International Airport (terminal 4)
In honour of the major characters that made the airport what it is
Engr. Okolie making a presentation to the Changi International Airport Electrical Engineer
Presentation after a session with SJ Surbana Jurong, a development consulting group
Staff of Singapore Housing Development Authority explaining the new construction technique
Prefab concrete members for building construction
Buildings made from the prefab members. They can go up to 45 floors with this method
Dr. Liu Thai Ker, the leader of the team that planned the development of Singapore
Engr. Okolie with Younger generation development expert of Singapore
The Institution of Engineers Singapore
The Institution of Engineers Singapore
The President of The Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES)
Engr. Okolie presenting a plaque to The IES President
A scene from the Jewel Shopping Centre located within the Changi International Airport
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