Our Services

Vaastrop Nigeria Limited renders comprehensive consultancy services in infrastructure and other related areas. The firm's operations, which are completely computerized, cover the following main fields of activities:

Roads, bridges, airports and transportation
Buildings and Architecture
Power supply
Water supply and sanitation
Environmental engineering
Agriculture and rural development
Flood and erosion control
Solid waste management
Urban development and upgrading
Project management
Computer studies and application

Our mission is to provide the client with a comprehensive range of consultancy services which enhances harmony in operation, consistency in quality with reduced delivery time. By the use of state of the art management and engineering techniques we are able to deliver high quality services at great speed and best economy.

A further important goal of the company is to employ highly qualified and experienced engineers and technologists, emphasize teamwork and multidisciplinary approach and co-operation with other firms, Universities and specialized institutions.

We insist on the participation and involvement of the client at all stages of our services right from conception, through planning, studies, designs, tender documentation, costing to supervision of construction, commissioning, training of staff and institutional development. Experience has shown that this is absolutely essential for complete satisfaction.